Astatine Studios S.A de C.V.

We aspire to make VR experiences truely remarkable and worth remembering. We were established in 2016 by a couple of entrepreneurial Artists and Engineers who believe VR experiences can be applied in all types of businesses. In the summer of 2017, we successfully completed our first VR prototype destined for its use in the real estate business. 

But we don't want to stop there. VR has so much more to offer; For flight and driving simulations, education, engineering, science, and other jobs, VR experiences are the best way to effectively train the user in a risk-free environment, and we haven't even talked about games yet.  

Video games

Currently in Development

Mobile Games

Astatine Studios is already developing 2 Free to play Mobile games from which you will be hearing soon. 

PC Indie-games

With the use of Epic Games' UE4, our platform of choice, we hope to continue releasing further games, with beautiful art, well thought out gameplay, and with a sense of humour. 

Virtual Reality

Media Production

Video Games