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The process of virtualizing anything implies 3D Modelling, Texturizing, Lighting, Post-effects, and Programming. By conjucting all of these disciplines into a single project, we are able to provide you with a variety of content for different types of media. 

Virtualization End-Media

For Architectural Visualization & other

High Res. Renders

An Architectural Render is the very basic content your clients will see of your project. It's a still image rendered out in 3D software, and modified in Photoshop to add further life to your image.  Web pages, videos, booklets, and billboards usually make use of this type of content.

Video Renders

Video renders are the second step towards immersion. It will give your client a better understanding of the general layout of the space you have virtualized. Video renders are mostly present in your webpage, youtube channel,  video billboards and running on screens in possible sales offices.

360º Views

360º Views, are rendered images that, when projected on a sphere, create the illusion of a first person point of view. Create a web of multiple 360 views, to jump from one view to the next without ever having to close the window. We recommend using these views on your webpage, accessible from your PC and Smartphone.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the ultimate experience for your client.  It replaces the physical construction of a model home. The client can experience your virtual space as if he/she was living in it. Featuring impressive realistic graphics, and interactive objects; furthermore, your client will be able to correctly understand scale, and proximity, which often can be misinterpreted in other media. Virtual experiences are recommended to be displayed in commercial centers, in the city of your choosing.

Mobile App

Turn your website into a mobile app. Have it saved locally on your devices and access it at any time, anywhere, without depending on your internet service. 

Web Design

Websites are a must-have if you plan to successfully sell your project. We Include every content we created for you into your site, with an responsive design for every device you plan to see your website on.  

Virtual Reality

Media Production

Video Games